Who are we?

Based in London, Open Meditation is a cutting-edge, non-religious approach to learning mindfulness meditation. We are a social enterprise running Weekend Mindfulness Intensives, Urban Retreat Days, Free Workshops, Drop-In Classes and One on One sessions to help you discover who you are.

In Open Meditation there are no gurus, no religious beliefs and no dogma. Our goal is to help you master a skill that reduces your stress, makes you happier and helps you achieve your goals.  

Our unique approach is truly multidisciplinary and draws on dozens of sources. These range from the latest scientific insights to modern psychology and the ancient contemplative traditions. Our focus is always on what works; what works for people living and working in the modern world, dealing with modern life and surrounded by a fast-paced environment.

Our website is packed full of information about the benefits of mindfulness and the latest studies. If it sparks your interest and you want a practical introduction to mindfulness meditation, we run regular Drop-In Classes and an acclaimed Weekend Mindfulness Intensive to teach you how to meditate or enhance your abilities in 2 days.



What's new?

Looking for meditation classes in London? Look no further! We run regular Drop-In Classes in Central London. We're currently on a Summer hiatus as we set up our own meditation studio in central London, but will be back soon with some exciting news! If you'd like to stay informed over the next few weeks, please get in touch via the contact form or join our Meetup group for reminders and to receive our Mindful Monday emails.

Our last Weekend Intensive was on 21st and 22nd of June, with the next one to be announced once we have our new space set up shortly. Click on the Classes link above to read why we think it's the best way to learn mindfulness meditation in London, or watch the video above to see some testimonials.

We've been busy with our lovely workplace clients over the last few months, most recently working with QVC and Paramount Pictures to train staff in Mbit. We also had a great time teaching mindfulness to the people who work in Chiswick Park in March 2014. 

Join our Meetup Page or get in touch using our contact form to find out what other events are coming up.

What's old?

Open Meditation taught about 80 people over 3 days at Shambala Festival 2013 through a series of packed free mindfulness meditation workshops. 

Click  here to read an article we wrote for HR Zone in 2013, one of the UK's leading HR publications. 

Open Meditation is a proud sponsor of Breaking Convention, a biennial conference on psychedelic consciousness that took place at the University of Greenwich in June 2013. You can find some videos of this historic event here. We ran a large mindfulness meditation workshop at the conference, and Alexander gave a talk on mindfulness, entheogens and the phenomenology of consciousness.